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Image Only or Where should SEO be in this design?

The image given to visitors about you or your company at first sight is extremely important. This image is one of the most important factors that determines whether or how long visitors will stay on your site. Of course, there are many other criteria and factors that determine this, for example, we can add content that is quick to load, easy to read and informs the visitor without getting bored. 90% of internet users are interested in the results on the first page of their searches in search engines, and very few of them are interested in the results on other pages. If you have made great efforts and designed an extremely stylish and functional website and put it on the air, it would be just a dream if you think that it will be on the first page in a short time. Of course, sites that are much older and rooted than you will continue to be on the first pages and you will patiently wait for your site to mature and take place on the first page. If you are a careful follower, you will see sites that started broadcasting much later than your site and took their place on the first page in a very short time. So how does this happen, you think, maybe this is an injustice. But what a wisdom is the new site built by your firm, your competitor, is on the first page of many queries in a short time like 1-2 months. When you do a little research, you will see that the secret of this job is in SEO activities.

In short, SEO (Search Engine Optimization- Search Engine optimization), your website Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. We can say that it is organized according to the criteria such as search engines used in searches. So, how can you make your site the way search engines want? Here are two ways to do this. First and goods to the relatively high wages, an expert on our site and that this work receives support from professional SEO firm, the second is the first time Turkey started to be implemented “Online SEO Management System” to participate. When you submit your work to a specialist company, you will first be asked which queries you want to be on the first pages and studies will be carried out according to these queries. In this working method, you will see that your site gradually rises in the search rankings without touching water and soap. Of course, this will have a financial equivalent. But if you say I have enough time and you can manage these things myself or the employees in my company, “Online SEO Management System” is for you. Thanks to this system, you will not have to allocate a large budget and you will reach a healthy result by following the program regularly. It should not be forgotten that search engines only recommend the best to their users. That means “if I spot a cheating scrap when I recommend it, I will remove it from my recommendation list forever”. Just like we humans do. We always recommend a good product or quality service to our friends, but we never include people or organizations that we think would embarrass us. This deeply damages our credibility and prestige. Nobody wants the dignity that he has had with great difficulty to be lost in a flash. Just like Google or Yahoo.