SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a planned study program that requires expertise. It is to ensure that a website appears at the top of the search results for the desired keywords. Although this work seems simple, it is a very laborious way that requires utmost care and knowledge.

So what is this SEO;

SEO, which means “Search Engine Optimization” in English, is the whole of the work done to ensure that your site is included in the front pages of the queries made in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Why is SEO important?

The visual beauty of the website, its usefulness and the fact that it offers a large amount of accurate information does not make it appear on the first page in search engines. A site that cannot reach its customers in the inquiries will have no return to its owner in terms of promotion, marketing and sales. In order for the service or product to be found in search engines, SEO studies should be carried out with the design and the site should be created according to the working logic of the search engines.

Use of search engines;

Today, Internet users even type the addresses of websites into the query bar of search engines and act according to the result. In their queries, they prefer the query suggested by the search engine and are directed to popular sites where SEO studies are meticulously made.

The logic of search engines to recognize the site;

Search engines, which always try to offer the user what they need, have an extremely dynamic structure. They constantly pursue innovation and constantly change their rating criteria.

Search engines have two main functions.
a- Reading and analysis
b- Creating answers

The most important thing in these two basic facts is how much the user can find what they are looking for on your website and how satisfactory your content is. To perform these functions, search engines send small software called spiders to sites. With these, they navigate the site from top to bottom and index. Then, how many of the responses corresponding to the users’ queries are available on your site, they do a study of this and put the site in order in their own algorithm.

The best way to choose the right SEO expert to work with is to look at the jobs and references they have done. It is the best criterion that shows the reliability of the company in which queries and in which position it has brought to which position on its SEO Websites.
As a result of a planned and meticulous work, a site that has been SEO implemented “permanently” climbs to the place it deserves, and continues to stay there as long as it deserves.

Sample sites where we do SEO Work:
complete pool construction
pool samples
pool control panels
pool edge anti-slip
pool stabilization
pool spraying analysis
pool maintenance
pool construction

and with all the other terms available, Professional SEO work has been done for an average of 250 queries.