Magento E-Commerce

There are many software that have a say in today’s e-commerce structuring, and Magento is one of the leading enmagento of these softwares. Magento, which is very useful in e-commerce infrastructures of small and medium-sized enterprises, has become the most used infrastructure by professionals, especially with its advanced support and infrastructure by large-scale companies. Magento infrastructure, which is very suitable for all kinds of products with its very rich options, is offered free of charge to small businesses, but since it is not enough to meet the demands of companies that need large-scale, continuous advertising products, Magento Enterprise was published after 2009 to support large-scale companies. In e-commerce structuring, depending on the needs of your company, whichever version is required, either free or paid, ELYA Information Technologies is a professional company that performs all infrastructure works completely and at the same time successfully executes your SEO and digital advertising activities required to achieve your sales targets in the sector.

ELYA Information Technologies is a professional solution partner in determining the sales and marketing strategies of products on the digital platform and security issues for its customers in e-commerce sites that need to be established with Magento infrastructure.

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