E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce has been on the rise in our country in recent years, and with the acceleration given by the developing technology and internet infrastructure, it has become a platform where every segment dealing with trade should take its place and invest.

E-Commerce, which is increasingly used; It brings a lot of convenience for both users and sellers. Thanks to the spread of E-Commerce and the competition of this sector, users can find the opportunity to reach the product they want at the most affordable prices and options from their seats. Although this does not seem very advantageous for sellers, it actually provides many advantages to the sellers. In sales made through e-commerce, both the payment process is primarily carried out and it provides the opportunity to reach wider circles. In addition, while the profit margin is calculated for the products sold on the E-Commerce sites as in the stores, it provides the opportunity to sell at advantageous prices without adding extra costs such as workplace rent, invoices and personnel expenses.

Thanks to the analysis and feasibility studies we have done on E-Commerce as Elya Bilişim; We can provide different solutions to different sectors. Just as every store has a shop assistant, E-Commerce sites have their own unique digital marketing and promotion tools. Success may not be too difficult with the right moves on the right system.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization); Your products and services will become available in search engines such as Google, thanks to the on-page optimization techniques to be made on your products.

SMO (Social Media Optimization); Thanks to the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets and even becoming a part of our lives, the use of Social Media has become a daily routine. Many companies increase their sales on Social Media.

Our company opens the doors of e-commerce to our customers by using all the possibilities of technology and with the latest techniques and software used not only in our country but also all over the world, and enables you to gain a solid place and gain respect in the vast world called the internet.

Thanks to our work, you do not only start doing e-commerce on the internet. We also share our years of sales and marketing experience with you, our customers. “More Customers, More Sales” is the basic rule of marketing.

If nobody sees your counter, you cannot sell to anyone. We attach great importance to SEO studies in every e-commerce site we design based on this principle.